Yesterday was a comparatively lighter day, my work account started having a technical snag and I had to stop work mid day. It’s most common and relateble to all those who are working from home right now. Unfortunately, at my workspace, a day away from work does not mean, the work goes away. It’s just that tomorrow double the effort needs to be put in to complete both today and yesterday’s work (Ahh!! I hate it).

Nevertheless, the day was breezy, my wife suggested a series called Never Have I Ever . I have an automatic “No Switch” in my head. Anything my wife suggests, I say an automatic NO :P.

That hardly make a difference ever because what she wants is what she gets!

We binge watched for seven hour to finish the whole series last night. A good story can be addictive, you always want more of it. We both started discussing the highlights of the show and if they would make a second season.

The good thing about modern day television series is that they are thought provoking. Had I watched this show a decade ago, I would have enjoyed it for the high school drama. Now, this show opens up my emotions and thoughts like a Pandora’s box.

A part of the show, reflect’s the feelings of teenagers about first love, crush and their sexual orientation. When we were younger Indian television depicted same sex sexual preference as a means to make us laugh. Remember Kanta Ben from Kal Ho Naa Hoo.

A Scene from Kal Ho Na Ho

But times have changed, whether it is the western shows or the Indian digital shows the trends are changing for the good. I feel our generation is more acceptable towards the idea of same sex orientation.

I do not know how our Indian aunties would react to it. I think the taboo is more in the minds of people who are dependent on how society would react to this New Normal (I refuse to call Homosexuality abnormal!!).

As a parent it may not be an easy journey to take. I am not a parent yet,so it’s difficult to comprehend that emotion. It’s always easier to preach than practice. Off course it’s not going to be easy, because the fear is more in the mind than in reality.

Two people who are in love and choose to be with each other, do not need the validation of people, they need the comfort and understanding of their near ones.

Me and her, we both agree, to be truly in love, it does not matter what religion, caste, creed or sex you belong to. All that matters, is your deepest desire to be with your loved one forever.

It’s funny how I always use the “No Switch” but end up liking what she does.