She likes the spring, I like the autumn, she likes vibrant colors, i like blue and different shades of blue 🙂 She likes warm milk for breakfast, I like the cold milk in my cornflakes. She likes the sun peaking into the room, I like the curtains zipped and air-conditioning onto the full. She is fond of classical music, I like the peppy Bollywood numbers in full blast. I could go on and on but I am sure you get the point!

Me and my wife are total opposites, poles apart in our choices. And I’m sure we are not the only ones out there, if you are still reading this, probably it rings a bell with you as well!

In a perfect world we would fit in as the most imperfect couple. Our worlds are beautifully sketched with ideas of what we would enjoy together. Unfortunately, seldom our ideas match for the things we want to do together!

My wife is a tea enthusiast, she could have tea all day long and not have any qualms about it. I on the other hand have no interest in tea but the joy of sipping tea and talking about our childhood is a pleasure while standing on our balcony on a rainy evening is a pleasure I cannot let go off.

Sometimes the idea of choosing and agreeing to watch a movie or a TV Series on Netflix over the weekend is much more daunting than deciding who will do the household chores over the weekend. Yet the joy of watching Basanta Bilap (Bengali Movie) together in Black and white and laughing together at the witty one liners is a moment tat is not worth missing out on.

My trial room visits are two minutes longs. I select one, trail that one, buy that one. My wife helping me choose what to buy could mean, me spending half a day in the trial room and yet not eventually buying anything!

Baadshah, Honey Singh and Pitbull make my playlist (Hey! don’t judge me yet). My wife’s playlist is made up of Lognojita (now judge her!)

I guess every relationship needs a binding factor and maybe for us it is our different perspectives which attracts us towards each other.

I do not know what makes a successful relationship, all I know is she breathes life into my existence!