A Learning Junkie’s Review of Udemy For Business

Recently my organisation signed up with two global learning platforms for employee learning and development – LinkedIn Learning (formerly known as Lynda.com) and Udemy for Business. While I had spent considerable amount of time before on Lynda.com and was quite aware of the available course content, it was a a complete new experience on Udemy for business.

The model on which Udemy operates is pretty similar to any other MOOC’s (Massive Open Online Course) platform. Instructors from all over the world create course content around the subjects that they understand best (or at least claim to be an expert on) and upload their video based course on Udemy for Students, Young Professionals, Experienced Associates to leverage them for their learning in a remote environment.

The model has been quite popular on the internet since the last decade and Udemy is one of the front running MOOC’s platform on the web with 60,000 + instructors covering 150,000 Courses across various topics.

As an experienced professional who has spent considerable time in the corporate world I can assure you that learning is key to growth. Whether you work in a small start up, run your own entrepreneurship venture or you work at a large corporate – you need to keep learning.

The scope of learning could be different for different people. At this point of time in my career I could break down my need to learn into two parts –

a. Productivity Enhancement through Tools, Application and Frameworks

Learning about Dashboards in Excel
Learning about how to collaborate with Teams

b. Grooming for Leadership Skills like clarity in Communication, Articulation and Guidance

Learning about Leading with Empathy

For a young Professional stepping into the corporate arena, the learning paths would probably be more technical in terms of knowledge of systems, application, coding, programming etc.

Fortunately Udemy appeals to all. There is something for everybody – even if you are looking for a crash course on photography, painting, video editing, there is enough to satiate everyone.

If you are new on Udemy, here is my quick tour guide of some of the courses that you can try out –

  • Conscious Listening by Julian Treasure – It has a rating of 4.4 out of 5
  • Email Etiquette : Write more effective Emails at work – Over 3000 People across the globe have taken this course
  • The Simple Guide To Mindfulness & Mindfulness Meditation by Julian Jenkins – provides Udemy Certification

While Udemy is a great platform for learning and trying out something new. It does have some issues that it needs to resolve quickly –

A. Authenticity of Instructors – Almost anyone on the web can join Udemy to create a course and provide a course content, there is no guarantee that the course Instructor have the merit to be an expert on the subject. The only way to find out if the course is worthy of taking up is user reviews and course previews.

B. Fake User Reviews – This is a problem across the web in an of the e-commerce site selling products or services and it is not any different in Udemy either. Udemy needs to make it’s review system more robust to make sure that the reviews are beneficial for the course takers to decide upon the course content.

C. Validity of Udemy Certificate – While there is a growing validation for Udemy across business and corporates but we are still some time away from hiring individuals on the basis of Udemy Certificates. Traditional education will still be the major draw. But, there is no denial that mentioning about your Udemy certificates on your resume can still open some door for conversation and thereafter it is for you to make best use of that opportunity.

We are in a era which is rapidly changing and is extremely dynamic. In the last decades MOOCs have changed the way people learn. Who knows a decade down the line, MOOCs might be the primary mode of education for a vast majority. We may see platforms like Udemy, Coursera, Linkedin Learning and others becoming the mainstay.

Let me know if you have ever used any of the learning platforms and how was your experience on it.