My New Year’s resolution was to write more regularly in 2020. I did write a lot, a lot of emails, a lot of corporate documentation but unfortunately I did not write enough on my blog for myself.

I did manage to write two amazing blogs at the start of the year but could not really keep pace while balancing my full time job. I believe writing has to come from within and it cannot be forced, a good blog deserves it’s time, it needs research, it needs good drafting, editing, polishing – all of which requires time and commitment.

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One of my friend from college who is now a successful video game reviewer (and a passionate writer at heart) nudges me to take the 30 Day Writing Challenge. He says daily writing will help improve the quality of writing. It’s like building muscle, you need to hit the gym daily to get the muscle you want!

Unfortunately, I am torn apart between writing a lot (as in daily) versus writing when there is a true purpose behind writing. Is it really possible to have an inspiration each day to write and make sure it is tasteful enough to present to the world.

Nevertheless I do want to take this as a challenge and write on a daily basis. I do not know how nuanced will my writing be, will it really help me improve my writing but I would still like to give it a try and see how it works.

I guess the key here would be to spend minimum time on research and stick to penning down free flowing thoughts that comes to me naturally. Taking leaf out of daily inspiration and turn them into a tale worth sharing.

What to expect In the upcoming blogs

  • A lot about the new country that we are now living in as expats
  • This new thing that we are trying with our first ever Instagram Page on Hand Art
  • A bit about the everyday boring worklife
  • New courses that I am taking up to improve productivity at work
  • Youtube and Netflix in the Era of COVID Lockdown

If you have any suggestions for me on any blog topics, feel free to drop in a note in the comments section. Would be glad to hear from you…

See you tomorrow!