YouTube is helping thousands of people across the globe follow their passion and make a living out of something that they love. One such example is that of Nate and Kara, who quit their jobs to travel full time across the globe with a mission to visit a Hundred countries. It’s been 4 years that they have been travelling full time and sharing their life on the go to a million plus subscribers on YouTube.



At first it would seem like a fantasy, to stop working and start travelling full time but trust me, it is a lot of hard work. Travelling year round on airplanes, trains, buses, ferries, living in hotels, hostels, AirBnB’s and eating out of Airport Lounge, Airplane Meals, local restaurant meals can be extremely exhausting and unless you are really passionate, there is a high chance you will give up midway.

Nate and Kara

I started watching them for their travel vlogs but fell in love with their personalities. Travelling with them is a lot like living with them. The more you watch the more you become a part of their lives. Their story will excite you, move you and engage you to an extent that you will suddenly realise you are binge watching them all day long.


Their story is a must watch for any budding entrepreneur who wants to take one’s passion and convert that into a successful business. If you are looking to grow big on the internet than just follow Nate and Kara, they will teach you through their videos how to monetize your passion and help you live a dream life

Here are my 5 reasons to absolutely love them on the Internet –

  1. Story Tellers

Most of us who started watching Nate and Kara came to the channel for the travel experience but the ones who have stayed back, subscribed and watched the videos over and over again are the people who fell in love with their story telling. They just don’t tell us about the place, the food and the locals, they tell you a complete story about their experience.

2. Being Humble and Authentic

You will be amazed at how down to earth this couple is. I recently watched their Bangladesh Series (one of the most densely populated country in world with a significantly high number of people below the poverty line) and how positively they looked at everything around them. There was no superiority complex, no hesitation in mixing with locals, happily adjusting with the environment even if they are below regular american standards.

I was really surprised at the way Kara handled all the male gaze and attention in a densely populated market in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The forever smile on Kara’s face and Nate’s ability to look at things with a positive lens, is really what makes this couple so endearing.

If you happen to look at Kara and Nate’s Blog then you will know that every Quarter they publish their quarterlt Income and Expense Report. It is inspiring how they track every minute thing about their expense and income and how transparent they are about it.

Income & Expense Report | July – September 2019

And they don’t just paint a rosy picture in their income report. Look at the one from 2016 and you will know how far this wonderful couple have come together and how authentic they have been in their Journey this far.

3. Content Trumps Marketing Gimmicks

The secret to Kara and Nat’s success has been great content. Needlessly to say you will not find any #Hastags in their Instagram posts. There numbers across multiple social platform is being driven by great content. You will find their videos on What Best Camera’s to use, how to improve video editing, providing travel hacks, sharing tips on how to use air-miles to travel etc.

4. Working Together as a Team

It’s lovely to see how the couple makes all things happen together. One holds the camera while the other does the editing. One is great at travel planning, the other is excellent at sharing travel stories. So many of their videos start with Nate bringing Coffee for Kara and waking her up.

One of my favorite video is of Nate printing the visa while Kara running towards the airport gate to ensure the gates aren’t closed without them. There are times when Kara rests her chin on Nate’s Shoulder and talks about a place or share their experience. These moments in their Vlogs are priceless and that’s what makes them special.

5. Converting Passion into a Successful Business

It is a lot many people’s dream to travel the world for a living. But it is no easy business. Apart from the grueling travel, jet lags, living in hotels and AirBnB’s, one also needs to spend a lot of time shooting and editing videos, writing blogs, posting on Instagram, engaging with the audience, tieing up with brands for meaningful collaboration. It is a lot of hard work and it needs dedication.


Kara and Nate have carved out a niche and then monetizing that niche smartly. They have an evenly poised revenue segmentation coming from different sources like YouTube, Video Sponsorship, Affiliate Income and Online Tutorials. They are also leveraging the Crowd Funding technique through Patreon and Paypal to stay on the road.

It just shows that if you have the brains and the desire – Impossible is Nothing. Earning a 6-digit Amount by travelling the globe and following one’s passion is a dream and Kara and Nate the perfect example of how to make dream’s come alive!