One of the key things that I learnt once I joined my B-school was that having a world view is extremely important. Today’s managers are no longer restricted to their territory or regions rather their decisions now have a global impact. Whether we like it or not today manager’s need to have a global mindset even while acting locally. In an integrated business environment it is far important than even before to be globalized and exposed to the world issues. 

We live in a knowledge based economy today and having the ability to synthesise wide variety of information becomes key to better decision making. My intent and hope through this blog is that I will be able to have a point of view on things that matter in the world of business.

My attempt will be to create a blog that creates forum for discussion among the youth and allows people to logically debate on contrasting views and opinion. I will try and create short,crisp and meaningful articles which are thought provoking and fuels different views among the readers.

People wanting to have sneak-peak at whats going on around the world and what implications it can have on the world economy as well as closer back at home in India…

The other reason for a blog like this is to interact with people from different backgrounds and tap into their thought process, everyone can have a different take to the same issue and this is the platform where we can bring about that exchange of ideas, exchange of thoughts more importantly exchange of perception as to the way we see the world…so everyone’s invited… hope readers have a lot of fun both while reading blogs as well as in posting their comments